Founded in Phuket for over 30 years, Phuket Water Supply Ltd.,Part (PWS) is originally professional in all types of water system, water management and metal works with sincerity and reliability to our customers.

In 2012, we crossed the threshold and stepped into a new business and ‘One Triple One Boatyard’ was born. Praticality and safety are our top priority in design considerations prevailing in all of our boat designs. We have presented a number of Aluminium boats in compliance with Thai Marine Department to commercial Thai marine market considering ‘safety’, ‘durability’, ‘cost effective’, and particularly ‘environmental friendly’. All of our boats were built with marine grade aluminium (e.g. ABS, DNV, etc.) and collaborations with our experienced welders, engineers and designers. Therefore, it is not only effective design but appropriate decoration that has taken into considerations to serve our customers whose aluminium boats are delicately built and decorated in our workshops. Furthermore, we are trustworthy aluminium boat builder who is awarded to build a number of special-purposed boats from Thai government i.e. Phuket rescue boat, Ranong rescue boat, and firefighter boat.


Due to light weight and durability properties, aluminium alloy is our priority choice to be utilized for building our high-performance boats with high safety and cost-effective resulting from low fuel consumption. Our products are entirely built with certified marine grade aluminium, aluminium sheets, wires or welding rods with our confidence to bring the highest quality boats to the customers.

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An ability to know what they need and will value over the life of their boat. This confidence comes from a certain type of ownership and understanding.


Our aluminium boats have been built by aluminium alloy marine grade certified by; i.e. ABS, DNV, and LR to ensure that our customers deserve the best quality products from us. Moreover, our aluminium is unique patterned by our craftsmen; therefore, we ensure that your boats will be outstanding among thousands of vessels at the sea.


Relating to our speedboats, ‘Warp hull’ is thoughtfully designed to makes the optimum of manoeuvre including high speed, low fuel consumption, good wave fighter and good stability; hence, safe and comfortable voyage is considerately introduced to our customers.

Regarding to the electricity system onboard where safety is a top priority to avoid the unexpectable fire event. Utilising high quality wares and technology cooperating with wise installation and management are considered as priority of our design contributing to effective function and maintenance.


With safety in mind, all of our boats has been designed and installed with unsinkable systems i.e. airtight chambers tested by pressure or attaching PE foam sheets to ensure that the boat will stay afloat whenever unforeseen incident happens.

Interior Design and Installation!

Synthetic Teak Floor and upholstery

Looking for to build your custom
aluminium boat?